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Raspberry Popsicles


Strawberry Mini Pop

HISTORY OF la palette, INC.

La Palette, Inc. was founded in 2015 in the city of Orlando FL. We merged the texture and history of the authentic Gelatto and the elaboration technique of the Popsicle, creating a new product that we call Pallete. The bases to produce our Palettes are made in Italy by Gelatter masters.

Our Milk based Palettes, are distinguished by its genuine flavors and the use of whole milk and heavy cream, instead of powdered milk, as used by the ice cream industry. In our water based popsicles or non-diary Palettes, we use just fresh fruits in their most natural state, were it is possible to find chunks of fruits that provide texture and other ingredients to improve the natural flavors of the fruits. The products of La Palette consider and artisianal feeling and a taste that transports consumer to a "well-made at home sense".


The history of the Gelatto goes back to the frozen desserts served in ancient Rome and Egypt, which were made with ice and snow found in the high mountains, transported and preserved in straw-covered vessels and buried in deep pits, to maintain their low temperature. Milk Gelatto emerged in 1500 in Florence, to entertain the King of Spain in one of his visits to Italy. The Gelatto was sweetened with a new flavoring spice produced in Madeira and the Canary Islands called "Sugar".

Gelatto differs from the rest of ice cream beacuse it has a lower fat content and also less air than any industrial ice cream.


Popsicles or Paletas (as it is called in Latin America) arose in the United States in 1905, thanks to a carelessness of young Frank Epperson, who sold drinks and during an icy winter night, left one of the wooden instruments -he used to mix-, inside one of his glass of Juice, upon returning the next day, the frozen juice became the first popsicle. Thus was born the concept of the Popsicle or Paletas. According to Forbes, in recent years, the multimilionaire production of popsicles has taken a turn towards Gourmet, Artisanal and Innovative concept, in countless flavors, made with a huge variety of fruits, nuts and other attractive ingredients.

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